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Anna Valldeneu
Angela Furquet
Sonia Rodriguez


CODA, or The Codas as they like to call themselves, began twelve years ago, when their youngest members first reached adulthood. CODA´s style has always been eclectic, hence the title of their first CD ¨CODA–Eclectic¨. It is a refreshing and innocent album that introduced them to the a cappella music market. Today, more mature and sophisticated with ¨Back to 6¨, they seek the complicity with their public through a style both subtle and provocative in their theatrical performances.

The vocal quintet boasts a stable trajectory of twelve years. CODA is Anna Català, Ángela Furquet, Lola García, María Lorea y Anna Valldeneu. Professional full- or part-time singing teachers all, they combine their work as CODA with other musical ventures and styles, some in musical theatre and others as soloists or teachers. The fusion of these five female voices has captivated audiences with their eclectic repertoire in which they mix a jazz base with diverse genres such as bossa, gospel, blues, pop, and funk.

Lola Garcia
Maria Lorea

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